3 minute practises to feel better instantly

3 minute practises to feel better instantly

Look I’m not saying this is the cure to all your problems but you should at least start somewhere .A clear mind will help you focus on what is happening now. It will help push that anxiety to the back of your brain until you can figure out what to do. I tried them and I’m proud of the improvement.I hope they work on you too! Also please feel free to share any techniques you use with the other butterflies!


Take a deep breath through your nose .Fill your lungs as much as you can counting from 1 to 8 .

Breathe out slowly through your mouth counting from 1 to 8.

Repeat this 5 times making sure your only focus is your breathing.

Forget about what is bothering you now .Its not like worrying will fix it anyway.

Pay attention to how your heart beats. The sound of your breathing ,the movement of your shoulders ,the heaving of your chest.


I know you might not be in the most positive place mentally.I would like you to repeat this

“I am alive””I am strong”

“I have been through a bad situation in the past and got through it”

“I am better than my situation”

“I will be okay .Even if its not now.I will be okay eventually”

Being Present

Anxiety is usually fixated on ‘what if’

“What if I fail?”

“What if this doesn’t work out?”

Yes your fears are understandable .Yes the fear of a bad pattern emerging makes sense.Fear of things going wrong is just human.

Here’s the thing though .The future is not here.You can’t control anything apart from what is happening in this moment .

Instead of proclaiming doom and gloom over a future that’s not guaranteed,Do what you can now.Take that risk now.Pay attention to what you can control now and work on that.



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