5 easy steps to do skin care like a boss.

5 easy steps to do skin care like a boss.

An amazing woman named Tracy came to my house today to give my sister and I much needed facial treatments. We have noticed lately how dead our skins looked especially after using a cleanser. This is my period time and considering how much i break out during this time ,honestly I should have taken better care of it .My sister’s skin was  getting flaky and it was pretty dry especially the acne prone areas.

Our friend Portia had recommended us to get the facial and Tracy came in did an amazing job of demonstrating and explaining to us how to take care of our skin and get the most benefits from facial products.

 I would love to share with you this beautiful information

  1. Stay hydrated. Drink Enough Water  

You would need about 3-5 litres of water for your normal bodily functions. Good news for the people who don’t like the taste of water; teas without milk are considered water so you could get a fruity infusion teabag you like and just pop it in your water bottle and drink away! Alternatively, you could also add a little bit of lemon water or a little bit of orange juice just to be able to get your body the hydration that it needs to function. 

Something else that she mentioned was that water hydrates the skin from the inside, but on the outside, it dehydrates your skin. Meaning, when you wash your skin, it remains dry afterwards so that means you need amazing products to use for your skin so that they’re able to hydrate well.

2. If your skin is oily that means it’s producing excessive oil because it is dehydrated so it is a good idea to use products and that are hydrating so that your skin stops secreting excessive oil because it’s already hydrated .

The most important thing is to be able to add a good skin care routine and these are the amazing products that you should use every single time to wash your skin just so you get good results. 


 You would need a good hydrating cleanser and a good cleanser would be one that foams just so the light product is able to penetrate into your skin and remove the dirt that’s  settled inside your skin. 

2. Toner

Second you would need a toner so you can use it as a secondary cleanser as well as its ability to hydrate the skin to a different level 

3.Eye Cream 

 You would need a good eye cream most importantly because the skin around your eyes is usually thinner than the rest of your face. That means it would need a little bit of extra moisture. You just need to dab around the eye area and not too close to the eye because a good product will move to all the areas that it is needed.


Lastly, you need a good moisturizer for your skin to lock in that hydration.

 Another product that you could add would be an exfoliant so either a mask or a scrub. Something that’s able to take out the dead cells And deeply cleanse your skin. 

Do this daily for your skin and I promise the benefits will be visible and in the long run give you healthy glowing skin.


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