5 People You Don’t Need If You’re A Sensitive Person.

5 People You Don’t Need If You’re A Sensitive Person.

Last week I did something that absolutely broke my heart. I let go of a guy I really really liked. This wasn’t the situation where I actually didn’t care about him then just gave him the boot. I actually cared but the one thing was he made me feel like being sensitive was a bad thing. I took things too seriously. That the small things I cared about were very menial, not big enough to care about.

Next came someone I thought was my friend. I guess when it rains it pours, right? How this person made me feel was heavy, draining even. Kind of how it felt when I was dating an extremely manipulative person. Everything I said especially explaining how I feel was turned into me being the perpetrator and them playing the victim. I felt trapped. Constant conversations of being told I need to chill. “Stop being so sensitive..stop taking things so seriously.” 

I had enough and honestly stopped caring about their emotions and put myself first . What was happening felt toxic to my peace of mind ,my emotions were a burden I honestly didn’t need .

This is the thing though. I am an observant person. Which means I analyse situations from all angles faster than I communicate. I am extremely intuitive. I will notice people’s emotions and moods faster than anyone in the room. I feel when people’s energy changes. I care deeply about people, I go an extra mile for people . 6 out of 10 times people will try to take advantage of that. I’m smarter now at least. I cut them off fast before they continue destroying my peace. Sometimes I’m nice about it. I go quiet. Other times I’m ruthless and tell them straight. I don’t want you in my life and I mean every sentence of it. 

So here are my FAUX PAS for what kind of people. You need to let go of in your life! 

  1. People who label you as “Too Sensitive “
  2. People who make you feel like your emotions are not valid. Only theirs are.
  3. People who offend you then play the victim. It’s your fault they hurt you
  4. People who make you feel like you need to change yourself to be accepted 
  5. People who offend you or constantly do things that hurt you and always say extravagant sorrys because they know you’ll forgive them 

I get it might be hard to let go of people, I was scared to be alone. Losing them would be hard, is hard. However, it is better to be on your own than be with people who don’t make you feel loved, understood or loved. 



  1. Wamu
    May 16, 2019 / 5:35 pm

    This is all the gospel dear

  2. Leanne Nekesa
    May 16, 2019 / 8:38 pm


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