4 Steps to hype Yourself up!!

4 Steps to hype Yourself up!!

Listen, I’m not talking about putting on some ratchet ass music in the house and twerking in front of the mirror with a glass of wine while telling yourself how much of a bad b***h you are …wait that’s exactly what I mean but let’s also add some more things to the mix

1.Tell yourself how beautiful you are 

What we are not going to do is criticise your creator okay? …God didn’t spend a whole 9 months sculpting you and taking care of you for you to think you’re ugly ..Cool? Or do you dare to tell me you think your parents are ugly?No !Right? then how the heck would you be?

2.Look at your body 

No no I’m not saying look at your body passively …really look at it. I swear if you say something negative to yourself, I know nice ghosts who know some not-so-nice ghosts that precisely haunt people who say mean things to themselves..you’ve been warned! 

Look at how beautiful your skin is ..how it drapes perfectly over your meat and bones (loooll!) I’m kidding but.. not ..No really look at it. Look at your body and how no one in the whole 7 billion of us looks like you. How you smile. You are such a unique creation! Not even the most advanced anything can recreate you ..f**k the magazines and societies expectations..you are perfection! 

3.Celebrate small wins 

Do you remember that one time at work or at school or at home you did such a good job you wish the whole world would see? Yes 

That time your smile or kind words made your loved one feel better ..ooh and that other time when you actually stuck to something you said you’d do and didn’t procrastinate! 

Ooh ooh and that time you smiled at a kid and they smiled back or you gave a homeless person money or food?? 

You are a descent human being …Give yourself some credit 

4.Forgive yourself

Babe you are human …you’d be a programmed machine to be perfect …So what something bad happened..you ain’t got no time machine dammit! Why is regret following you around like a shadow? I know you feel sorry if you did something messed up or made a mistake . All I’m asking is, are you going to live your life crying about it like you should not have learnt from it and done better?! Do this yeah? Take a notebook and a pen. Write down everything you regret and forgive yourself for each thing you regret separately and move on .Cool? 

How do you hype yourself up? I would love to know if this post helped!

Have a beautiful time my lovelies!


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