How to handle your periods well.

How to handle your periods well.

I remember the first time that I had my period. I was 11 on Christmas Day. I went to the toilet and my underwear was a brownish color and I Instantly panicked and ran to my mom “Mom! Something’s coming out of my body and I’m so scared I don’t know what to do!” She was preparing a feast for everyone who was coming home for Christmas so she asked my aunt to help.

My Aunt hastily explained to me how I was on my period and showed me how to wear a pad. I don’t remember having a conversation with anyone about the pain that would come after or how tired I would feel before and after the period that lasted 4 days. 

No one explained how for the next 13 years of my life I would have two days where I would be completely immobile and in pain. The discomfort I would be in or that some of the painkillers would do nothing for my pain. Sometimes I would be so tired and so depressed. My self-esteem would be at nothing and sometimes my brain would be so foggy I wouldn’t even concentrate on small tasks.

Since I know that I have a few young followers, I just wanted to do this to teach you just a few things you can do to make those few days a little less painful and uncomfortable.

1.Download a Period app

A period app is super handy.It gives you an estimate of when you’re ovulating and when your period will start so you don’t get caught off guard by your period.If it stays you have 3 days to get your period you better get ready gorgeous! Just search ‘Period App’ and a bunch of them will show up and you can download the one you like ,put in details about your cycle and you’re ready to go!

2. Have a small period kit.

This little bag should have a pack of pads and painkillers. It’s smart to have different kinds of painkillers with different strengths.A hot water bottle is also extremely handy as well!

3. Avoid caffeine and excessive sugar

Any energy drink and excessive sugar will make your cramps worse. Your body will also crash fast and you will end up feeling so much weaker than before.

4.Use spices and herbs and fruits

Include ginger and cinnamon as often as you can in your drinks to take down the inflammation .Chamomile or lavender tea will help you calm down. Take lots of fruits and water to get your nutrients level up!

5.Rest and give your body time to recover

Sleep and rest!Relax and probably have a few movies to BingeWatch .Get your beautiful self some dark chocolate to make you feel better. Take time off work/school for a day if you can and let your body heal.

Remember, If your self esteem is low at this time, its normal.I just want you to remember, that face you look at in the mirror and think is beautiful, is the same one you have while on your period!


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