Mental health 101

Mental health 101

I noticed I always talk about mental health on my instagram probably on a daily basis. I probably learnt the hard way how important mental health is after going through seasonal depressions most of my teenage life and coming up to last year.

I have covered a few topics on mental health before.Since we are doing a whole rebrand on the kind of content I am creating, I would love to do this small post on teaching what taking care of your mental health really means.

First things first, Mental health is centred around healthy habits that keep your mindset strong and at peace with whatever life hits you with.To be able to maintain stability no matter the outside circumstance. In order for this to happen , you need to first know what your mental state is.

How do you do this?

  1. Pay attention to how you feel.

Are you happy, sad,angry, confused? Are you at peace? Are you stressed out about something? Anxious about something you need to do or about life in general?

2. No emotion is BAD

I know this sounds a bit contradictory because anything that’s not positive is considered bad. Every emotion you experience is a signal for something happening in you or to you. Being able to accept that all kinds of emotions are okay to experience will help you be more accepting of yourself.If you do this you gradually stop being too harsh on yourself when you’re not happy or in a “positive” mental state.

3. It is okay to put yourself first

This falls into the vast categories of taking sometime off when everything around you is overwhelming. Actively seeking professional help sometimes just to get some clarity. Saying NO when you’re not comfortable with a situation. Knowing when to take a break is so so important.

4. Taking care of your health and your body

Do you notice how cranky you get when you’re hungry. Hence the infamous phrase “hangry”. Its because food actually plays a huge role in how your moods are. Eating healthy food like vegetables and fruits that are good for your stomach helps produce feel good hormones that your brain and body thrives on. Alcohol ,for example, is a depressant. Taking alcohol when you have a bad mood is literally adding fuel to fire.I mean sure it gives you an escape for a few hours but you wake up, your emotions are on the same level as the previous day if not worse. Eat food that gives you energy!

5. Knowing what works for you.

I know some people who needs 15 minutes of exercise to be at their best mood-wise .I love meditating, listening to relaxing music and taking essential oil bath soaks.My sister will go watch birds and play with dogs to regain balance. Some people just need sleep , talking to a loved one or even prayer to feel better.Figure out what your peace looks like and focus on doing that when you feel things falling out of balance.

Over the course of each week I’ll keep on going deep into each aspect so we can all be balanced and be able to do life with a bit of stability.

Comment below what your mental health means to you so other cranky butterflies can learn from you!


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