Stop those itchy braids in their tracks

Stop those itchy braids in their tracks

What’s good my Afro queens! I know the caption title already resonated with you. Way more times than you’d like to count I’d imagine. This is not the little itch that happens now and then. I mean the life-changing uncomfortable itch that makes you want to make you the headless horseman for a few days till the disaster ends. Well, fear no more! The itching from your scalp could be eased by two ingredients.Water and Apple cider vinegar. I mean you can add tea tree essential oil if you’re trying to be bougie like me (lol).

Method 1

Buy your braids before getting braided.In a basin/jug/bowl pour a cup of vinegar or Applce cider vinegar and fill up with water then soak in your braids for 1/2 an a hour till a weird pollution looking film coats the water.Then rinse in warm water and hang out to dry.You dont need to separate the braids.

ps, this is the chemical added on synthetic hair to prevent it from getting mouldy and last longer. The reason why your scalp gets irritated .

Method 2

If you got braided without getting the chance to get to wash them . Make the same mixture then wash your braids and scalp with it. Let it rest on your head for about 15 mins. Rinse it off and let that hair dry. Voila ..balanced pH levels soothed scalp and errthang!

Method 3

For the lazy ones ..or the busy ones who don’t have time to let your braids dry, put the mixture in a spray bottle and spritz it on your scalp.The smell goes away just as fast btw so don’t let it deter you .

Good luck my butterflies!


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  1. Terry
    June 14, 2019 / 5:06 pm

    Thanks once more Mimmie, this was helpful so helpful. Anytime am planning on braiding my hair i will always use method 1. Just a simple question to you kindly, for method 2 when washing the braids after braiding them, they wont wear out and look a bit old?

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