Super Simple ways to practice self-care.

Super Simple ways to practice self-care.

Honestly I have no idea how long I will keep on preaching this gospel of self-love and self appreciation but I promise not to stop until it sinks in. When I talk about self-love I don’t mean it for people who are only single or people who are still finding themselves.I mean self-love in any aspect of life that you’re in. Knowing that you need to take care of yourself to be good to people around you.

And I feel like this will apply to guys and girls as well so here are my top favourite things to do in the name of self-care.

  1. Watch Your favourite show

Binge watching the series. Do nothing else and just watch it for as much free time as you have and take time not to judge yourself or even care just take that time to just unwind and watch something that you find interesting.

2. Go for a date on your own!

Take yourself out for dinner or a fancy lunch date!I know most of the times when you envision going for dinner or going to a fancy place you always thinking of having someone take you or you taking someone . I think it’s very very important to love your own company and be able to do nice things for yourself. You work hard! you deserve it!

3. Pamper yourself!!

Have a spa session. You could go get a manicure or a pedicure or a full on spa experience with a massage You can even actually decide to do it in the house.Have some essential oil ,take a bath longer than necessary and just pay attention to just taking care of your body

4. Take a break and be in the present

Sit in the sun, at the park, rooftop or any calm open space. Enjoy being around nature and peaceful of mind for a moment.A long drive is good too! Even take a short walk and breathe in good fresh air instead of sitting in the house all day.

No matter what you do or how busy you are, make sure you spend some alone time each week you enjoy! Peace of mind is important!


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