The perfect Lip and body​ scrub you’ll ever need!

The perfect Lip and body​ scrub you’ll ever need!

I love coffee ..I have such a beautiful relationship with coffee I’m actually a part-time barista ..I make pretty coffees too! I don’t have pictures to prove this BUT…

That aside I want to talk about the relationship coffee can have with you and that beautiful body of yours.

I made this pretty simple body scrub using ingredients you probably have in your kitchen . I am all about healthy organic and chemical free ingredients for your skin. Be rest assured this is good for you

Be rest assured this is good for you

Benefits of this scrub 

1.Evens out your skin tone (you don’t have to be dark skinned or brown) 

2.Skin exfoliating 

For the newbies to skin care, this just means getting rid of dead skin and letting that beautiful new skin underneath flourish!

3. Soft skin 

Like a baby’s butt ..I am NOT KIDDING! 

4. Moisturizing 

The trick is not to use soap after .

Let the ingredients wash off with warm water and  let the coconut oil remain on your skin 


1.Ground coffee 

You can buy this at any store even just for a satchet . Don’t use instant coffee

2. Coconut oil 

This is your liquid ..don’t use water 


A tbsp is good enough .

Optional things to add 

Vitamin E oil 

Rose hip oil 

Rose water 

Preparation process

All you have to do is mix all the ingredients together to form a mushy lump of coffee grounds.Smooth enough to be able to scrub your skin but not too rough on your skin .

You can use this mask on any part of your body especially if you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite (which is 100% okay to have btw!) or just show off those fine legs a little! 

When you use it on your lips, apply a lipgloss and walk around blowing kisses at people! I love this lipgloss by Mina that’s a really good vegan brand. No nasty chemicals!

Have fun caring for your bodies my darlings ! Let me know how the mask works out for you! 


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