Toxic situations and how to get out of them

Toxic situations and how to get out of them

Whenever anyone mentions toxic relationships or situations, most people think along the lines of abuse or the extreme. Toxic situations, in my opinion, are any situations that affect your mood, mental, physical or spiritual wellbeing

Having close friends who treat you like an option is toxic. Dating a person who doesn’t treat you well or is obsessed with you in a suffocating way is toxic. Working in an environment where you feel harassed is toxic .”Simpler” scenarios like feeling excluded by people you’re hanging out with, being made fun of, people around you who love to gossip others and put them down are also toxic. Pessimists are toxic. Family members who only remind you of your shortcomings are as toxic as can be. People who don’t respect your wishes and constantly pressure you to do things you’ve said no to is also toxic

The list goes on. If your wellbeing at any point is threatened or dismissed. Toxic is the word for it.

The first thing to be aware of is YOURSELF

What are your values and beliefs? How do you feel about a certain scenario unfolding before you? Are you comfortable? seen? Heard? How can you safely exit this uncomfortable situation you are in without further destroying your peace?

Second is to detach yourself from the situation.

If you are around someone who is constantly gossiping others and that doesn’t sit well with you. You know for a fact this person definitely talks about YOU behind your back. A slow but sure solution. Spend less time with this person. Keep busy so when they ask to hang out, you don’t need to lie about are actually busy. They’ll get the message eventually. If not rip the bandaid off and just tell them what they do is wrong and hope for the best!

3.Replace the toxic situation with something meaningful.

If you were constantly engaging in something that you consider toxic and have been able to detach from it, its time to replace that things with something more positive.That way you fill the void with something that adds value to your life.If you want to stop partying excessively because of your alcohol intake but still want to hang out with your friends, invite them for brunch instead or game night.

Getting rid of toxic behaviour and situations is not easy but its worth it. The most important thing is to know you deserve better .Know yourself and constantly choose yourself .That means you’d rather be on your own than be in situations that you know aren’t good for you.

What are your other ways of dealing with toxic situations? Tell the other butterflies below!


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