Your body will thank you for a fruit diet!

Your body will thank you for a fruit diet!

I know some of you are wondering. Why do you need to go on a fruit diet Mimmie? Well because I’m already a vegetarian. Veggie diet is my life. I noticed recently that I haven’t been eating well. How you ask? I am vegetarian after all. That doesn’t mean I didn’t shamelessly slack on eating well and skipping meals. My body is now complaining. Vigorously if I might add.

I have also neglected my 3-one litre bottles of water a day. I am ashamed and I needed to change that. Now that I am done laying out my shame. This is what a fruit diet will do for you :


You realise how much better your body feels after a healthy meal? This beautiful article explains how a healthy diet with tryptophan (an essential amino acid ) affects your mood. The amino acid can only be obtained form your diet because the human body doesn’t synthesise it. Tryptophan that is found in fruits helps in the production of serotonin (feel good hormones) Your gut actually affects your moods in a significant way. Healthy gut= happy human.


Fruits are all-natural magical packages of energy boosters! No more sluggish days and hating Mondays because you actually have the energy to survive the day!


Most fruits I have researched on will at least pack some minerals, vitamins, tons of fibre for a good healthy gut!(Goodbye constipation!) The nutrients might actually reverse a lot of stomach issues.

I won’t give you a whole long list of what to eat so I’ll give you a few guidelines on what you should include in your fruit diet.


  • Fibre (pawpaw, pineapple ,banana, mango)
  • Different colours (strawberries ,blueberries ,kiwi)
  • Water filled fruits (i.e oranges, watermelons)
  • Eat according to what your body requires.
  • Don’t starve yourself!


  1. February 12, 2019 / 12:46 am

    I need to try more fruits with fibre. Thank you for sharing. Amazing post.

  2. terrykimmani
    February 13, 2019 / 5:23 pm

    Thanks Mimmie for this. APPRECIATED

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